Real Estate Investment Trusts


Real Estate Investments Trusts (REITs) shares or units are traded on a stock exchange. Investing in this type of units is liquid. Buying and selling units with no matter of time. REITs own and manage real estate properties. Certain REITs are diversified, like they own offices, hotels, residential and commercial properties. The rental income is distributed to units holders as a distribution every month.

To be qualified for distribution you must hold a unit of REITs before the x-dividend date.

To invest in REITs, online brokers charge less as compared to the banks in fees to buy or sell REITs and Securities. These online brokers known also as discount brokerage or direct investing . Online brokers do not provide investment advice, instead they may provide tools, like auto advisor. As a starter, with a very small amount of money some online brokers charges 0% commission fee on trading (selling or buying), and some charge on selling securities only.

In other hand, Stockbrokers offer investment advice by a licensed individual or company who provides investment advice to clients.

Which type of services ?

Online Broker or StockBrokers, read the disclaimer below


Losses can be BIG “Investment in the securities of smaller companies can involve greater risk than is generally associated with investment in larger, more established companies that can result in significant capital losses that may have a detrimental effect on the value of the fund.”

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