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create a website

Creating a website made so easy by hosting provider, beginners with little knowledge of web browsing can create their own website as quick as possible with ease.

If you’re looking for, how to create a Web Application from scratch as a developer. Our planning, in the near future is provide many tutorials that cover all aspects and materials in order to have a production ready Web Application.

What it takes to create a website?

  • Domain name registration – (yearly subscription)
  • Hosting provider – (monthly or yearly)
  • Content Management System (CMS) – Free

Why creating a website ?

  • Reaching audience
  • Presence on the internet
  • Share your idea

What is Content Management System (CMS) ?

A content Management system is composed of a source code and a database.

Information or content is stored in a database. The code allow the modification, creation, deletion and editing of the content.

Every CMS as its base use HTML and JavaScript. Many CMS use PHP as their language, other use Java or python.

HTML combined with PHP give dynamic Web Pages.

What is a hosting provider?

Hosting providers offers a domain name registration, and a one click install for your preferred Content Management System (CMS). As well as hosting those CMS files, which means hosting your source code files and database. Hosting files and databases is their core business model.

BlueHost offers domain registration and web hosting service. So far, BlueHost is my preferred domain registrar, I have bought two domain from them, the Domains manager is so easy and simple. Also the DNS manager too. More about DNS below. When it comes to hosting my own website, I’m hosting it in the cloud with a cloud provider . So here the DNS manager comes into play.

As a beginner, first priority is web hosting and second is domain registration. Because almost every web hosting service offers domain registration. So choosing to buy a domain and hosting your website with the same company is the best choice and no need for DNS configuration.

As intermediate, buying a domain name from the first web hosting provider and hosting your website with the second web hosting provider or totally different web hosting provider like cloud hosting provider is a choice you make in order to get the perfect discounted price offered by these providers.

New user get discounted prices, ridiculously low prices for the first year.

What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar company offers a domain registration but does not offer web hosting.

The point is hosting providers offers all-in-one service to create a website for beginners. But sometimes people with intermediate-level-1 knowledge prefer to buy a domain name at a cheap price from a domain registrar company and host their website files with their preferred web hosting provider. With this strategy people with intermediate-level-1 must have a basic knowledge about Domain Name System (DNS) .

In addition people with Intermediate-level-2 knowledge, prefer to create a database and upload the source code files and do the configuration required in order to connect to the database without relying on the hosting provider auto-installation.

People with Intermediate-level-3 knowledge, always prefer to host their files and source code in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and do all the required configurations. Which means cloud hosting. When it comes to VPS you can use Linux or Windows. Note: When using a VPS an SSL certificate is required to serve https web pages.

Advanced people (developers), with solid knowledge, create their own source code files and database. which means their own web application and host them in the cloud.

As a beginner

Choosing the easy way is the perfect solution to create a website. Every content management system has its own ecosystem. Offering plugins, Themes and e-commerce extension. All you need to care about is your content.


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