Coding will not exist in future because of AI ?

Short answer no. AI created by coding. The offer and demand will not be the same as now, because always things change. Not because of AI. Coding will change to push AI.

I Guess this is the shortest answer on the web. Not convinced I can tell you more about this subject.

let go to the beginning of the web. The web started by using Html and CSS. The need of dynamic data where we can edit and update introduce us to database. Also, a user interaction on a webpage introduce us to JavaScript. Now content management system (CMS) offers all-in-one website application. So what the point to code ? Even webhosting offers a one click solution. So What the point to know about webhosting and coding. In one click you will have a running website.

You see it’s so simple, but how we made it so simple ? is by coding. Coding will always exist to automate to simplify and optimize the service we offering.

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