Install Visual Studio

Visual Studio allows you to complete an entire development cycle in one place. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE). Code Editor When all done the code editor will look like the picture below. Download visual studio Visual studio can be downloaded following the link below. Visual studio Continue Reading

What is dropshipping ?

Dropshipping is a business model where you build up an online store or you list your not owned product on an online marketplace for selling. At the moment when customers order your product you will be notified about their order. From your part, you go to supplier’s website and order Continue Reading

Online Marketplaces

An online marketplace is web application available on the internet. Individual or company creates an account to start selling on these marketplaces. Competition As a seller competition is very high. All you get from these marketplace is traffic. you are on your own when it comes to marketing your products. Continue Reading

E-Commerce Stores

You are wondering how many entities offers all-in-one online store. Well there are too many entities who offers all-in-one online store. The list will never ends. WooCommerce The first in the list is WooCommerce. If you have ever heard about WordPress, consider WooCommerce is an add-on. This add-on will give Continue Reading